Oct 25, 2009

A cessation of normal operation

My ruler still hasn't let me down, but another reel bit the dust. As a result, the ruler will be seeing it's forth "upgrade" next season.

I bought this Shimano Sidestab 2500 a couple seasons ago to replace a Sidestab 2000. The bale on the older reel stopped closing automatically and I wrote that off as normal wear and tear. I decided to upgrade to the slightly larger 2500. Imagine my frustration when the replacement started doing the same thing this summer. "Upgrading" got me the same tear with half the wear. Well, now the bale has fallen off completely and I'm getting a little frustrated. I'm starting to question Shimano's quality, but I sure did love these reels when they worked. The Sidestab series isn't "top of the line," but using someone else's reel reminds me how nice they are.

I'm now a little torn. On one hand, I've had two Shimanos fail in short order. On the other hand I've got two extra spools waiting for a fresh Shimano reel. The replacement will be a spinning reel suited for 8-10lb test, but I'm open for suggestions on the model. What is your favorite make/model? Anyone have similar problems and looking for a place to complain?

Now I'm wondering if I still have the original reel....maybe I can combine the two. Maybe the combination would last a month.


  1. I have primarily used a Shimano Symetre or a Shimano Stradic. I have enjoyed both reels with little to no repair other than general maintenance. I also believe that for the money you spend, a Pfluger Presidential reel is one of the best reels around. Just my two cents worth.

  2. I think Daiwa has the best reels.

  3. I have had sidestabs for two years now...no problem (I have (2) 2000's)...for the price they are very good quality.

  4. Hey Clif. I've got 3 Shimano's. Sienna 2500FB (10lb), Sedona 2500FD(4lb), and Sedona 4000FD
    (6lb). Haven't had any trouble with any of them, but now that I've opened my mouth, who knows.


  5. Hmmm, sounds like I'm not the only one who enjoys Shimano but perhaps the only one with problems.

    Guess I'll have to think about it some more. My other three reels are Shimano, maybe I'll branch out. Luckily the outdoor store here has a lot of display models to try out in the store.

  6. I use to be a Shimano guy. Not any more. Too many problems like you described. I did not have any problems with their baitcasters, but had big time problems with their higher end spinning reels. I went to using Quantum and have never looked back.
    stream stalker

  7. You should look at maybe getting a bait casting rig Clif.Less moving parts and the reels last 3 times longer that the coffee grinders you've been using.

  8. Jonn, It's good to hear from at least one other person with similar troubles. News flash: I'm not crazy. Not too crazy anyway.

    One of the other reels I mentioned is a bait caster. I used it exclusively for about a half season. Then one day I picked back up my spinner and haven't looked back. Nothing against the bait caster, but I simply prefer my "coffee grinders." Call me simple minded.

  9. Nothing a little JBWeld can't fix. :) Do you still have any Loctite samples at your desk (like 4205 Prism)? It's worth a try I suppose. Try this http://www.henkelna.com/us/content_data/LT3371_Design_Guide_for_Bonding_Metals.pdf

  10. Clif, I'd almost given up on open-face reels because of similar problems to what you've explained. What I found is that it's like anything else, there is usually a very wide range of quality depending on price and a reliable reel is worth the extra green, and you'll confirm that fact when your reel performs without error the next time you catch a really big one. I spend most of my time with a fly reel, but always keep two quality open face reels in my reel bag.

    If you get into a little research for your next reel, I'd love to read about your experience and findings.

    Cheers, JB


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