Oct 14, 2009

Kayaks in the mist

The mahogany halls here at Lunker Hunt have been quiet lately, perhaps you've noticed. I'll take the blame as I've had a couple things going on in my non-fishing life to distract me. Nothing serious so don't fret. In fact it's been a pretty good month for me.

The last time I fished was Sep 27th, and it was a pretty boring trip. I didn't catch a thing, but enjoyed my time none the less. I got to watch a cow come down a steep bank for a drink and then see her panic while looking for a way out. Later I spent a long time trying to catch carp on the fly. The Bagel has a pretty good carp population and they were tailing in the shallows, but despite all my efforts I ended the day without a fish.

Tonight I'm acknowledging my apathy for you loyal blog readers, and feel like posting. Without fishing for a few weeks I don't have much material. But I do want to take the time to share a picture from that morning. It was immediately after I got in the water, and before I wet a line. I'm afraid a picture doesn't do justice to the moment.


  1. Yeh man....that's what I'm talking about...paddling and fishing....there is no better way to spend a day Clif.

  2. Now, if we can only get you to take level photos before the water drains out of the lake. :)

  3. I took two photos. The criteria I used for selecting the one to post was based on solely on levelness. This was the most level.

  4. Nice blog. Hope you don't mind if I follow. I love to fish. I live on the Kankakee River in Illinois. Went fishing 2 days ago on a back water of the Kankakee. Caught 10 crappie, biggest was 10 and half inches. Also caught 3 bass, small but chunky. Was a blast.

  5. Welcome Diane, follow at your leisure.

    Hope you enjoy.


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