Nov 7, 2009

High production value and a sweet track

Enjoy this great topwater action. If you've never fly fished for bass, this will get your mouth watering...some good strikes here.

Think it a wise goal to have videos like this on LH? I'm not sure I have the time.


  1. I've never fly fished for bass, but after watching that video I may need to hit up one of my bass fisherman friends for a boat and some time on 'his waters'.....
    Very cool~

  2. Welcome Rebecca, I enjoyed your site. You should definitely try to catch some. Nothing beats top water bass action.
    When you just start to lose focus and doze is when bass explode on your stuff. I like to call it the baby heart attack.

  3. I called my bass fisherman friend...he and I are always at odds about what is better...trout or bass and told him about this video. I think he was thrilled!
    So, someday, we are going to try it and I give you full credit for the push my friend never could give~


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