Nov 27, 2009

Mon Fly Vise ist en fuego

Dave always wonders what insects my flies imitate.  I usually tell him to shut up, but I sometimes answer with one of my many Clifisms:
Bass will eat anything that moves the right way
How many productive bass lures look like nothing in particular, but catch fish because of flash or action?  Because of this, I've never been hung up on tying life-like bass flies.  Billy Bass' culinary indiscretion doesn't really force focus on tying skills either.  A typical session sees me with a beer sitting down the night before an outing and whipping out some attractors with "action."  Usual distractions include televised football and/or Dangle the domestic longhair.

In a departure from normality, today I attempted to work on some skills, while simultaneously trying to produce somewhat life-like nymphs.  A five minute Google session handed over some pointers on nymph construction and I adapted the recipe to match materials on hand.  These aren't the prettiest things and none will be classified under any Latin name but I'm pretty proud none the less.

Of course I tied some clowns too...


  1. Now those are some flies I could work with. I was impressed with the fly/plug featured above, but I doubt my regular trout would be. However, I can comment on the above nymphs and say, well done~

  2. Thank you for the compliment but you don't have to be nice.


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