Nov 21, 2009

Parting out Shimano Sidestab. Make offer.

As previously reported, one of my medium weight spinners failed this year.  I was still hanging onto another similar reel that broke a couple years ago and I hatched a plan.  The two reels were broken, but each failed in a different way and I figured this was the reason I saved it.  I quickly found myself ankle deep in a pile of tiny screws. From the dust would rise Frankenstein reel, able to muscle the largest fish from the reeds.

Sadly it was not meant to be.  Though the reels were the same make and similar models, the vintages were a few years out of alignment.  The design had changed enough over the years to make every part unique and not interchangeable.  Each reel was comprised of basically the same components, but small differences made my Frankenstein dream just that...a dream.

Planned obsolecense has long been the foundation of corpoarate America and the scourage of lowly consumers, but I'll stop short of pulling that card today because there is little evidence these reels had a limited usefull life.  However, if anglers hoard hardware to save money on days like this, it seems the Shimano designers have ways of making sure we crack the wallet on some new bling.

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  1. Darn the luck, Cliff. Have you noticed how many different spinning reels are marketed by Shimano. Why so many, and, do they all have to be a little different in make-up?


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