Nov 15, 2009

Yes we are fishing, and don't call me Shirley

Today was the last chance for redemption at the club, and I'm still not impressed.  I don't think I'll be renewing in the spring.  An average day at the club is no different than an average day at one of the many public waters I have at hand.

Scott and I went out and started on Last Lake about 8am.  Last Lake is the only club lake I hadn't yet visited; I was warned about wind and I hate fishing in wind.  Imagine a strip pit in the middle of a harvested bean trees, no grass, no hills....for miles.  The air temp was 41 degrees when we got on the water and the wind from the north cut through our thermals.  Scott was convinced passers by would exclaim "Surely they aren't fishing out here."

After two hours of that and a single small bass, we picked a lake with better wind breaks and I'm happy about that decision.  Air temps were up to 42 and it wasn't yet raining, but we pulled on rain gear to cut the wind.  At the new location Scott added a couple more fish and I managed just this little guy.  Every fish came on ten inch worms.

We called it quits sometime after noon when the rain drops started to fall.  On our way out, we met a guy on his way in.  He informed us there are "tons" of crappie in the lake.  I asked Scott if he wanted to come back next week with minnows. "Not a chance," was the response.

I'm not saying I'm done this year, but today should just about wrap it up for me.  I've considered attempting some ice fishing this year, but if I can't handle a windy day in the forties I'm not sure how I'll fair when the mercury hits the twenties.  I'm a big sissy.


  1. I spent yesterday out fishing in some nasty, windy weather also. I was thinking we, (anyone out fishing on a day like this) have got to be a little short on brain waves. Give ice fishing a try, you might just find some winter fishing memories.

  2. It's official. If people are still fishing in Idaho, I have no excuse for calling it quits here in tropical Illinois.

  3. Weather doesn't stop us bass anglers! Lol. I'll make another bet that you get out fishing again before the season's over.


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