Dec 1, 2009

Illini Love

It seems Illinois is fairly well represented in the fishing blogosphere.  Here are the Illinois based blogs with focus on fishing and fishing accessories.

I'm sure I've missed some, and I'm sure I'll hear about it.  So for a complete list, please see the comments section below.

Catch Photo Release Fishing - Bill is based in the South Burbs (I think) and takes pictures of everything.  This blog isn't about catching fish, it's about the fishing experience.

flowing waters - Wolfy is based in the Fox Valley (western burbs) and keeps a good blog.  I'm pretty new to this one, so I'll let the link do the talking.

Stream Stalker - Jonn is based in central Illinois, but you'll find him anywhere with running water.  He's a guide who maintains one of the many quality blogs on Prairie State Outdoors.  Jonn specializes in pulling smallies out of streams and, like me, is new to fly fishing.
Nate's Fishing Blog - Peoria based with travel.  Nate runs a pond management company and enjoys fishing.  This combination ensures lots of behind-the-scenes fisheries management stuff you might not think of. 

The Fair Weather Fisher - Dave's my fishing pal.  He doesn't post often but when he does it's pretty good.

Northern Illinois Angler - In yet another PSO blog, Andrew likes to fish Des Plaines River.  He also makes plenty of trips north of the border.

Scattershooting - Jeff is the outdoors writer for the Peoria Journal Star and mastermind behind PSO.  His blog covers all things outdoors and often covers angling.

Stray Casts - Dale Bowman is the outdoors writer for the Chicago Sun Times and keeps a stellar blog. This blog is also devoted to the outdoors and often covers angling.


  1. Wow - I'm part of something! I'll have to check out the one's on the list that I'm not familiar with - thanks for putting the list together.


  2. Wolfy, your blog is the reason I decided to create this list. Because I just recently found yours, I'm sure there are others out there I'm not aware of...I was hoping to see some new ones show up in the comment section.

  3. Thanks for putting these together, especially the ones for central IL. I'm glad to see a bunch of guys from the area, now I have a bunch of material to get me through slow times at work. :)


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