Mar 20, 2010

Idle Hands

The weatherman hates me.  Last weekend we got some rain.  All week I was swamped at work while the sun shinned and temps flirted with seventy.  After a week like that, this weekend is more than welcome.  I'd be fishing, if it wasn't snowing outside today.

The vise has been ignored for a few weeks - I've tied a year's worth of flies over the winter.  Today I heard it calling from the basement.  The wife left to satisfy her "shopping itch," so I stole a sample of blanket stuffing I've had an eye on for weeks.  It's been peeking out all winter begging to be tied into a bait fish pattern, and with spring on the way it will never be missed.

I've also been eyeballing a roll of aluminum flashing in the garage.  So I carried both stuffing and flashing to the lonely vise, armed with wild thoughts of what would follow.  The results were not as glorious as imagined, but with some practice me thinks it'll be a hit.

I fashioned a swimming tail from the flashing and used the stuffing to add body.  The results are ugly, but the logic is solid.  If all goes to plan, this fly will have action similar to swimbaits and I'll someday master tying it.

The next wild thought worked out a little nicer, but time will tell of it's success.  I think there is potential, but tying materials near the head was difficult.

This fly features an upward facing blade near the eyelet.  Will this move like a chatterbait?  I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. The weatherman hates us ALL in Illinois.

  2. Your on to some interesting ideas there, Clif. When I did more fly fishing, I used to love to include white body color with some flash in my rabbit fur streamers. I will be interested to hear feed back on your patterns you tied today.

  3. Interesting ideas indeed, but after thinking about it this can go one of two ways. I'll either catch fish or spend some time untwisting my leader.


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