Mar 28, 2010

This is reel life

I recently mounted a rod holder on my kayak, and discovered my mini tripod fits nicely in the holder. One of my major goals this year is to capture a strike, fight and landing on video so this setup will help out immensely.

I set out yesterday with the whole package (kayak, rods, camera and tripod) to Banner Marsh, a local bass fishing hot spot. The results: not so good, but I made a video anyway just to say I did it. Ice-out fishing isn't when my angling ability shines, but I get out and make a go of it every year. It seems like every year I also swear to not wet a line until May.

Anyway, I've editing minutes of footage down to a mere 150 seconds of highlights. If you have about two and a half minutes of your life to waste, I suggest you watch below.

Obviously the day was a skunk, but I couldn't resist creating a goofy video of "highlights." Hopefully you laughed as much as my wife did - I'm not sure if she was laughing with me or not. I'm trying to imagine how this would work out with fish catching footage, but it'll have to wait until next time (at least).


I'm not one to leave you salivating for good videos, so here is one of our cat videos. Everyone loves cat videos.


  1. I see syndication!! Neat set-up.

  2. Yea, I just need a few commercials and about 20 more minutes of usable content. If I pick up some sponsors, I could fill up half that plugging their products just like every other show.

    Outdoor Channel here I come!

  3. Don't give up on April fishing - I think it's often as good as May. I think your new set up looks great - I HAVE TO get a kayak one of these years.

  4. Hey Cliff,
    Early Spring and the fish are still sluggish....slow your retrieve down more.strip stop for a few seconds then strip again.Nice rig by the way mate.

  5. Damn~ I can watch the cat video and not the fishing video. I feel...ripped. Someday I'll be putting my Flip mino to use, on myself. Just as soon as I get the nerve up!

  6. Glad I tried again! Couldn't get it to work in I.E. but pulled up your site in google chrome and it worked just fine. It's probably a 'me' system error and not your site.

    Anyway, although you didn't catch anything I found myself enjoying the video very much. It says a lot about the way fishing can really be! Including snack time =) I'll be waiting for the next installment and someday......maybe I'll join the live action ranks of blogging.


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