Apr 30, 2010

Ever the tinkerer and always a tightwad

I've never been huge on following fly patterns exactly.  If I see a fly I like, I usually do my best to duplicate it with materials I happen to have.  Now I've stepped outside my comfort zone because I recently ponied up for all the materials required to tie a couple proper streamers. 

I was unable to be true to the recipe for either fly.  In looking for Prisma markers, I found the local art store closed for the evening.  Opting instead for Sharpies from the 24 hour Walmart, I called it good and went to the vice.

Above is my first Bart-O Minnow.  I found the instructional video quickly, but looking for a recipe to print took some time.  The secret is to search for "Barteaux Minneaux" and you'll find this, a nice step-by-step with pictures.  It seems someone had a sense of humor when they named the fly, but found us regular folks need a dumbed down version.  I opted for the version from the video, which uses EP sparkle brush (instead of angel hair) for the body.  I'm pleased with this first effort.  However, I admit tying the tail with excessive downward slope and the eyes should be located smidge rearward of my location.

Finding a step by step recipe for the above Murdich Minnow proved fruitless - as far as I know there are no alternate French spellings.  I found out the fly did not originate at the Tight Lines shop as I previously stated.  Instead it was originally made to target stripers and has since found it's way into the bass world.  I also found several variants of this - all looking unique and each claiming the Murdich name.  I stuck with the fly tied in Tight Line's video. I had to watch it a few times to ingrain some memory of the procedure before heading downstairs to tie.  I used 5mm eyes and they might a bit large, but that is all I would change.

I tend to tinker and can't be satisfied with out spilling some creative juice.  So I added a couple Bart-O inspired streamers to the collection.

The tail is white buck tail, pearl flash and three saddle hackle feathers.  I stuck with red rabbit for the throat, but opted for a zonker strip body.  White zonker comprises the bulk of the body, with a strip of natural colored rabbit tied in at the nose and draped reward.  I added some dumb bell eyes and a beard made from orange buck tail.

This one is the exact same as previous, but I've opted to include the peacock hurl for lateral lines and used white eyes instead of red.  You can also see I bungled up the head with a few too many wraps.

None of these flies were a quick tie for me and that has me worried.  Don't forget, I'm the "Snaggingist son of a bitch" and I'll be required a few of these.  Hopefully some practice will speed things up, eliminating the part where I read each recipe step will be a start. 


  1. Your Barto and Murdich look good!!!!

    Tight Lines always seems to recommend eyes that, in my opinion, are too large for the fly.


  2. hey clif awesome flies id fish those in a heartbeat love the sharpie comment ive used them for years now great pens .....im also a tightwad

  3. Hey Clif. You know I'm just a novice to the fly tying thing, but I've already come across times where I've had to substitute. It's just too far (an hour and a half drive) to the fly shop for a "something" I don't have and need right now. Nice looking streamers.


  4. @Jonn - Thanks for the compliment. Maybe I'm wrong about the eyes.

    @dave - I'm a little excited to get these flies wet. Too bad I can't fish them both at the same time.

    @Mark - you and me both. I think the closed fly shop is 2-3 hours one way for me. Necessity is the mother of invention.

  5. They look good to me! I, being the fly tying challenged person that I am, always feel impressed when I see another angler whipping up a fly, especially those type.
    I'm sure they'll catch some fish for you~


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