Apr 29, 2010

Fair warning on Tiemco hook size

For me, the gold standard in hook size is Eagle Claw's "plain shank" model; if you tell me a hook size, my mind indexes to an image of a comparable plain shank.  The simple hooks are easy to find and, most importantly, cheap.  We don't have fly shops around here, so after staring blankly at a screen full of numbers, it's easy to justify a trip to the box store for a pack of Eagle Claws.  As such, I've tied flies on the gold standard with few exceptions.

This weekend I decided to buy proper fly hooks to tie some proper patterns.  Luckily, Jonn recanted his misguided unguided ordering of #2 sized Tiemco hooks in the 8089 model.  He said "it looked like something for saltwater guys, so now I tie only on the sixes."  Despite his advice, I still almost balked on ordering fifty number sixes.  I kept thinking "How can I tie bass streamers such a small hook?"

The shipment arrived and you may see for yourself - the Tiemco TMC 8089 is the horse pill of fly hooks.  When compared to a 1/0 plain shank, you can see a wider gap and a longer shank.  I threw in a dime so you trout types can see exactly what I'm up against here. 

Tiemco TMC 8089 #6 hook size compared to Eagle Claw Plain Shank 1/0

The #6 will suit me just fine, but this may be just the start.  In no time I'll be lamenting the good old days when a hook was a hook, just like the world's most anal fly tier.  For now, I can safely tell you I won't be buying any more hooks when their sight remains unseen.

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