Apr 23, 2010

Good Times Between the Storms

Dave and I met up with Jonn Graham this afternoon after work. We climbed into the Mackinaw River a little after four and fished a few spots until dusk.  Jonn and I had met up on one previous occasion and made a fly swap by mail, during which I made out like a bandit.  This was the first time we actually did much fishing together.  The three of us fully committed to the fly rod and worked a few different areas of the river before the sun finally gave out.

Jonn and Dave swapping rods

Jonn has a pretty nice Sage rod, which he let us take for a spin.  It's the Sage Smallmouth BASS Rod, and comes with a sinking tip line.  I'm not sure if it was the rod or the line, but everything about that package felt right.  As a guide, Jonn is in the Sage guide program and is encouraged to plug products such as this.  Today he did his job, Dave and I both loved it.  She's a little pricey for a cheapskate like myself, but a guy can dream can't he?  *Update, I was wrong about the sinking tip line - see the comment section for more info*

Fishing was tough, perhaps due in part to an all day rain shower, which we thankfully just missed.  With a lot of hard work Dave managed a rock bass, and I managed a decent river smallie.  She was still full of eggs and came on a fairly large streamer made with white rabbit fur, white saddle hackle and pearl flash - sorry no name for it but I'll try to remember how to tie it and show you.  It was a big fly tied on a big hook and I dropped it in perfectly on my first cast to an eddy already visited by both Dave and Jonn.

Mackinaw River Smallmouth

And as a followup to my previous post, I can confirm my waders are finished.  You know it's bad when I'm able to pour water out of them.  Luckily I had the forethought to wear rain pants under the waders, it helped keep my legs dry.  Following the fishing, the three of us chatted for a long time about flies and fishing.  Jonn had some interesting ideas on where to go find some big smallies.  Now I've added a couple destinations to the list of places to go fishing - some day.

I have to say I had a great time seeing the river like Jonn sees it and chatting him up afterward was great. I think we'll be doing it again.  If you're interested in Jonn's guide service and/or his custom swim jigs, go drop him a line on his blog and he'll set you up.


  1. The Sage Smallmouth rod does not come with a sink tip line, but rather a floating line that has a special radical front taper that allows for the "rocket" casts you and Dave experienced.

  2. The anonymous comment seems to disagree with my memory.

    A quick double check of the Sage site says "..are sold with custom bass taper fly line..."

    Don't tell my wife the memory's failing. You'll get a funny look.

  3. Clif:

    that first comment was from me. Sorry I did not leave any indication who I was.



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