Apr 21, 2010

Holy overalls Batman!

After a particularly sweaty day fishing last year, I wrote a post about destankifying waders.  Apparently that post filled a niche and became an instant hit on the Google search charts.  It even earned me a cross link on a blog I hadn't previously read.

While letting the full waders soak, I noticed some wet areas where water was leaking out (you can even see them in the original picture above.)  Being a smart guy, I recently deduced these must be the same areas water leaks in.  What better way to find where to apply patches?  So today I filled them up again and, armed with sharpie, started marking all the wet spots.  What a difference a year of fishing makes.  Here are today's results:

Great googly moogly!  I'm not even sure I got them all marked.  There was so much water leaking out I couldn't keep up and eventually everything was damp.  There are even some on the back side.  I've now decided these are beyond repair and this is my reward for buying the cheapest pair I could find.  I'll have to go shopping soon - anyone have a good tip for a guy in the wader market?  Maybe this time I'll try to avoid bumping into so many submerged trees.

None the less, I'll be donning this holy mess on Friday when I go looking for smallies on the Mackinaw River.  With rain in the forecast, I'm not sure I'll notice leaky waders.


  1. If you leave work now you could pick up a nice pair of Frogg Toggs at Gander Mt. for about $120. Just don't loan them out for dock repair.

  2. Never seems to fail that an angler in waders seems to find every thorn, sharp branch, or stray pokey thing around. Like the concept on how to identify leaky spots. Waders are something that really depends on how much use you plan on getting out of them. If you use waders a lot, then investing in a higher priced pair is well worth the money. If you rarely need or use waders, then by all means save your money and buy lots of wader patch.

  3. Make sure when you buy a new pair that you look into breatheable waders. I balked at them for years and finally bought a pair and wished I would have bought them 15 years ago.



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