Apr 3, 2010

How you know if you caught a fish

If you have fished with me, you probably know The Rule. I came up with The Rule many years ago to solve what became a common dispute. The Rule dictates what is counted as caught, and which ones get away. The Rule is as follows:

1 - A fish can not be considered caught, and therefore added to the official daily tally, until the angler touches said fish.
1.1 - Touching of the fish may be performed by any body appendage, it's substitute or direct extension, with the obvious exception of rod and reel.
1.2 - In lieu of touching certain dangerous species, the act of posing for a photograph with said fish shall demonstrate sufficient control to deem fish caught.
1.3 - With verbal agreement made by all interested parties, a special exception to The Rule may be made, thus granting the angler one half of a fish to be scored in the official daily tally.
For you to practice implementation of The Rule, I submit two examples from today's outing. Can you decide which fish I caught and which one got away?

In other news, today I chased the skunk out of 2010. Wahoo!


  1. Good to get the skunk off. I'm liking the mounted video cam and the results. (Although I would have to watch my language in that situation when I miss big fish!)


  2. Great piece of editing on the lost fish! Hit the "Cut!" button just in time.

  3. Clif,

    We have a rule around here. If you get it to the leader and the fish comes off, it's considered a "quick release". Your fishing buddy needs to witness said fish in order for it to count.

    Bring your kayak down here. There are loads of bass.

  4. If you need someone to second the notion of your rules so they become official fish lore ~ I'll back you up!
    As your witness, I saw a teenie tiny touch on the below video that certainly counts as a fish total. Mark it down ~

  5. Rules, very well worded. From Shoreman's point of view, I would only count the top one as a "catch". Just my opinion, mind you.


  6. @Wolfy - When I curse, you don't have to worry about me editing it out.

    @Owl - I hit cut just in time, but not for the reason you may suspect. The video ended just before I said something stupid. I was embarrassed to let you hear.

    @Rob - I believe you are referring to a "special exception." Section 1.3 is written to allow for such situations.

    @Rebecca - I don't think I touched it, but watching the video made me second guess my own memory. I'd put up more of a fight if she was a hog.

    @Shoreman - I am in agreement, and thank you for an honest assessment. I created The Rule to handle situations such as this, but without honesty The Rule is worthless.

  7. I like it! I think I've been living by this rule without it being in black and white. But when you're with other anglers and the competition is fierce, it's good to have it documented.

    Good thing I fish with less competitive anglers.

    P.S. LOVE the new header.

  8. Clif,

    My fishing days in Minocqua warrant "possession" as the rule, sleeper hold or in the boat (or kayak as it may be).

    You need remote panning now so we can make better judgments on those questionable catches. :)

  9. @MNAngler - Welcome to Lunkerhunt, hope you enjoy it. Thank you for the compliment, I like the header too.

    @Dave - Possession can be tricky to define, as we discussed today. That's why I stick with a simple touch.

  10. I should do a blog post on this. Depending on the situation I get pretty liberal about counting a fish as caught.


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