Apr 19, 2010

More sweet action

I have tempted you once before with a high production video of bass hitting top water flies. Here I go again.  If you have never fly fished for bass, I intend to make it difficult for you to continue living as you have.

PS: I'm loving the moped

PPS: If the video is too big for your screen, go here to watch it on youtube.  I'm having difficulty resizing it to a reasonable resolution.


  1. That video is stunning. I need some poppers asap.

  2. I have the poppers, I just need someone with a camera to follow them around the lake.

    You're hat-cam may come in handy.

  3. Not being a Bass fisherman, a video like that could change ones mind.


  4. That's some great footage. I loved how the underwater camera followed a fish near the beginning of the video and how the camera followed the poppers across the water.

  5. That about validates my recent purchase of 8 poppers and a sneeky pete. I know exactly were to put them to good use. Thanks for sharing that one.


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