Apr 17, 2010

A second and a ground squirrel

Many years ago I caught a five pound flathead catfish while throwing a crankbait - that was a first.  Yesterday I managed a second, the channel cat shown below bit a rattle trap. This surprise capped off a two day fishing event for me.

Thursday Dave and I kayaked at Banner Marsh.  I only had about an hour and a half, so I was in all out search mode.  Changing location and presentation as quickly as possible.  While trolling a shallow crank, I managed to pick up a little large mouth.  Another acrobatic little one threw my jig and pig.  Dave blanked.

Friday Scott and I headed to his club for some fishing.  We put the boat into two lakes and tried a few finesse presentations and a few more aggressive baits.  The finesse worked the best on the sunny day and I caught three bass on Senkos and a jig.  The channel cat was the last fish boated, but I had a dink throw the rattle trap later.  Scott blanked.

The big news for me was catching a couple fish with Senkos. It is always a good sign when the water warms up enough for the Senko bite to come on.  The fish are waking up.

Try not to notice the huge wad of sunflower seeds I have in my cheek.  Pictures like these make it hard to hide I was begat by a chipmunk.  In other news, this post was brought to you by Giants Sunflower Seeds.  Those things are a delicious fishing snack.


  1. Nice Cat, Cliff. Surprised that it hit a crankbait. Looks like your fishing is heatin' up. Happy hook ups!

  2. Maybe the sunflower hulls were acting a bit like chum for the channel cat! Nice one, though - good eatin' size.

  3. Looks like fun! Those seeds are sure addicting! lol. great photos!

  4. @Mel - the water is definitely warming up, things are starting to pick up for sure.

    @Owl - HA! with all the hulls scott and I were spitting, there was a stripe on the water following us around the lake.

    @Tami - Seeds are addicting and they are perfect on a boat.

  5. While it's not very common, I've had a few days when cats crushed crankbaits. Once on Labor Day I floated the Susquehanna River with a friend for a long, 12 hour float, and I know we caught 20 channel cats on crawdad colored Big O's. 2 years ago I got 3 flatheads the same morning in Oklahoma on big crankbaits. And, once, I got a pretty nice sized channel cat from a farm pond in PA on a Zara Spook - the only one I ever got on a topwater!

    Nice pics - the bass are heating up here, too.


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