May 8, 2010

Let it be resolved

With a full weekend docket, I took the opportunity to grab a couple hours after work Friday.  The wind was terrible, but I didn't fish last weekend either so I had to make do with what I had.

Slipped the yak into the water around 5:00pm and fished until 8ish.  Fully committed to the fly rod, I drove to Banner Marsh to catch bass.  Started out with my freshly tied Bart-o Minnow and promptly lost it on a snag.  Switched to my new Murdich Minnow and lost it on a back cast.  In the short span of three hours I put a big dent in my fly box by losing ten or twelve flies.

It was a cool evening with gusts around 20mph followed by periods of calm.  Mother nature couldn't decide which direction to blow.  Wind can make fly fishing difficult, but surprise gusts from random directions are worse and my kayak didn't help me one bit.  Most of the time my kayak was blowing north while my fly blew south.  Such a situation caused much frustration and casts into trees.  I finally found a patch hidden from the wind (see picture), and resolved to play with sunfish feasting at surface on the wind blown side.  Despite many takes, my #14 Adams proved too large for the little guys and I called it quits.

Let it be resolved I will never again fly fish from a kayak on a windy day.


  1. That wind was giving me some backlashes with its random changes in direction yesterday, I can't imagine trying to whip a fly around in it.

    I'm picking up my flyrod Sunday, I'm stoked to practice with it in the yard and get funny looks from the neighbors!

  2. Yes it was not fun.

    Yard fishing isn't always bad. Check out what I caught while fly fishing in my back yard a while back.


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