May 1, 2010

More Illini Love

Check out Intro to Bass Fishing.  Mark is just getting into bass fishing and his blog is a "coming of age" story.  Plus, he is currently located in my home that doesn't hurt.

Go get him excited about blogging with some comments...that way he'll keep up the good work and entertain us for years.  In exchange you'll probably add him to your list of readers.


  1. Thanks Clif! I appreciate the shoutout.

    I work in a call center so I have nothing to do inbetween calls except wade through blogs and try to pickup tips so I'm all about following the good ones!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I'm heading on over now to check out Mark's blog.

  3. Sounds like you might have found a new fishing friend in your hometown. I think I've located 1 in my area and we're planning on going fly fishing soon.
    I'll go check out Marks blog now ~


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