May 3, 2010

Time will tell about a BPS in East Peoria

Last June, the city of East Peoria (it is like Peoria but better and on the other side of the river) announced they had received visitors from Bass Pro Shop.  The reps were in town scouting a potential location for a new store.  Everyone was real noncommittal and stand offish on the likelihood of BPS actually coming to town, so I wrote it off.

Then in January of this year, the city began investigating the " and infrastructure costs and permits needed for a 'major outdoor retailer' to develop..."  Again everyone interviewed was noncommittal and stand-offish and I still ignored it.

Two weeks ago, I heard in the rumor mill that BPS had actually purchased land.  Rumors are just rumors, but they sure can be vicious.  Can't they?  My interest was growing.

Lunkerhunt got a hit today, which got me wondering if all these rumors were true.  Someone in Springfield, Missouri Googled "central illinois fly fishing" and landed here (the poor sap).  The IP address is owned by Bass Pro Shop and they are headquartered in Springfield. 

Why would someone at Bass Pro Shop headquarters search for "central Illinois fly fishing?"  I guess time will tell and we'll have to wait.


  1. That would be pretty awesome. If any bigwigs from BPS are reading, we want you here!

  2. That would be cool, I do like a good supply run to BPS. The closest one to me is about an hour away. Hopefully their presence would compliment (and not hurt) the local suppliers that are currently in town.

  3. There is one locally owned store - Presley's, plus a Gander Mountain and a Dick's. None of them have anything worth a darn for fly fishermen though.

    I'm torn because it would put a damper on Presley's and any other future local stores. On the other hand, they might actually carry some fly fishing stuff.

    I guess I'll have to figure out how I feel if they actually come to town.

  4. Bass Pro Shops...........we're anxiously waiting........

  5. BPS is coming to East Peoria! It should be all over the news very soon. The papers have been signed and the steel pilings have been ordered(it will be just north of I-74 on the Ash Pond site)


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