Jun 27, 2010

A brief thought about four

Once in the net, I was sure she'd go four.

Alas, a half pound shy.  I'm ashamed of my disappointment.


  1. Do not be ashamed, 3 1/2 is nothing to sneeze about.


  2. I just stuck a 3lb 14oz fish, so I was shy of 4 too. I did nail a 4lb 8oz the other day off almost the exact same spot doing the exact same thing, but I know how you feel. For the longest time, I couldn't break the 4lb mark. I'm starting to think that 4lbs is one of those special numbers, a hurdle for growing bass to get over in life.

    Even though we have big fish in our area lakes, a sack full of 3lb fish will likely put an angler at the top of the list in a tourney.

  3. @Mark - I'm not ashamed of the fish, just at my disappoint. It's a good fish, but when I netted it I really thought I had broken 4.

    @Dem - I read about yours and I agree. Around here the size limit is usually 17 or 18 inches, which is right around the 3-3.5 lb mark. While I've never broken 4lb, I've caught bazillions that were just shy. My theory is that as soon as they get close to 4, someone takes them home.

  4. Sadly, most of my fish are measured in inches not pounds. Clif, you are a fortunate angler to be able to fish Bass and play the pounds game.

    That is a beautiful fish period!

  5. Fours are tough to come by in our area. That's a good fish any day.

  6. 4 pounds or not, nice catch Clif!


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