Jun 21, 2010

Lack of Action and Action

I set out with dreams of capturing hot kayak cam footage of the hot top water bite I found last week. Yet the only bite I could manage was this...

Hardly the acrobatic display you're accustomed to seeing on internet video. Plus I was unable to drive the hook home so I guess I'll try again someday. I think I need a camera man because that video is crumby.  If I hadn't told you a fish struck, I doubt you would notice.

And when the day had earned full dismal status and thunderheads pushed me toward the ramp, a little surprise was there to keep the skunk away.

What business does a nine inch fish have with a seven inch Senko? I guess his large mouth calls the shots while the small stomach is left to pick up the pieces.

Oh, and the vanilla cupcake body spray worked splendidly.


  1. Hey Clif. See the post about the cards? I guess the little bass had great expectations.


  2. @Mark - I'm not sure what cards post you're referring to.

  3. Love the footage. I need to get my camera set up like that. Great blog material as well.

    Bigger baits don't always catch big fish...but it does catch the ones that like big baits. =)

  4. @COCaster: I would post a picture of how I mount my camera, but I need my camera to take a picture of the camera. Maybe the 10 second delay function will be enough time to line up the shot. I love the part about big baits.

  5. I'm with you. I need a camerman, ohhh and a photographer following me around. I just can't seem to do it on my own, effectively. Now, I impressed by that little 9 incher. That shows some major tenacity!

  6. Is it just me, or do you have a really slack line in that video? I always try to wait for the weight of the fish before setting the hook, but it's hard when a fish hits a topwater bait. Too exciting.

    I think we bloggers need to collect some funds to hire a traveling cameraman. He can follow you one week, me the next week, the Outdooress the week after that, etc, etc, etc. The trick is finding someone interested enough in fishing to not fall asleep on the job, but not interested enough to fish themselves.

  7. I was using my fly rod, so the heavy line drapes heavily. My topwater technique is to give a 1 or 2 count after seeing the strike, then set the hook.

    I like the camera man idea. We need a camera man who is really into making videos and will do it for the video alone. That way he won't be tempted to swing a pole.


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