Jul 11, 2010

Atrophy Without A Trophy

The last time I waded was April 23rd of this year and, to the best of my knowledge, the Mackinaw has been unwadable since April 24th of this year.  After work yesterday, the flow had finally crept down to a tempting 430cfs - on a weekend no less! I headed over and worked some weakened wading muscles.

As the sun slid, things began to feel a little skunky.  I downsized to a white and yellow wooly bugger in about a #14.

Emboldened and releaved, I went back to flinging flies of a proper size...and things got all skunky again.

I can help if you've recently hit the Mack and your child is missing a shoe.  The shoe lies along the road near your parking spot and I must apologize as it tasted a bit of tire before I noticed.

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