Jul 6, 2010

With head hung low

This wasn't my year for pickerel.  I did have one pickerel straighten my line...briefly.  However, the bass and green sunfish apparently had a good spawn last year.  The pond was chuck full of these little guys:

And I caught bunches of them.  This was a surprising development, as I had never before caught a bass from that icy water.  I've fished there about every year since I could hold a rod.

My theory:  The recent "100 year flood" must have opened the door for a couple creek bass to become pond bass. Then the love birds happened to find each other last spring.

The bad news is with all the prey swimming around, there wasn't much chance of catching predators.  The good news is we got a good batch of bass growing up, and paired with the bumper crop of sunfish we should be in business a couple years from now.


  1. where did all the big boys go?, maybe in a couple years you will have a trophy bass pond...

  2. Well dang nabbit, Clif. The big fish are probably binge feeding in the dark hours and sleeping it off during the day. Give it a few more trips. Honestly, this looks like a great spot with the photo at the top of the post.

  3. That is a wonderful picture and captures the character of the place nicely.


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