Aug 11, 2010

Cart in a Crate

Dave e-mailed this to me on June 1st, but he refuses to acknowledge I don't check that particular address very often so I just found it today. He sent it after our trip to Snakeden Hollow, during which we discussed possible designs for a light weight and compact kayak cart. 

Ingenuity at it's best.  I bet it could be used with kayaks, canoes, light Jon boats and out of shape co anglers.  Couple that thing with the shoulder harness we envisioned and I'll mobile as hell.


  1. You are my hero! I have made a similar design with a lawn cart as the base. Fishing innovations...sweet!

  2. Necessity is the mother of invention. Well done.


  3. Perhaps I mistakenly misled. I have not built this, all I did was post some other guy's video.

    BTW, I love the tennis ball bushings.


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