Aug 16, 2010

Farewell Two Tone

After 42 years of legendary life, Two Tone is dead and will be properly honored.
"The fish will be buried next to Conningbrook Lake at Mid Kent Fisheries in Chilham, near Canterbury, next weekend and a plaque will mark his grave."

"Anglers will hold a wake and raise a glass of champagne for him afterwards."
This is perhaps the most talked about passing of a fish since Dotty was found stiff and a shadow of her former self


  1. Rest in Peace TT.
    Gone but not forgotten...
    Those that tangled with Two Tone will always remember the "pull".

  2. You got it right, that fish has some bulk.

    I find it interesting the article mentions the fish was caught "once or twice a year and no more than 50 times in its lifetime."

  3. Good hell, that's a big ugly fish. But, I do hope it rests in peace after giving anglers so many years of pleasure.
    I need to start naming the fish I catch, sorry, just a side thought of mine =)

  4. @Rebecca - Name those fish and soon you'll be tangling with Old Gnarley Jaw, Snaggle Tooth and Snookems.


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