Aug 28, 2010

Quickly Silenced and Immediately Forgotten

Usually a blue bird sky means you should have been fishing yesterday; a front always precedes Mr. Blue Bird.  It has not once deterred me from fishing but an ominous sign it is.  Today was an oddity.  We have enjoyed a big blue sky and mild temperatures for at least five days.  Without the preceding front I guessed the fish would be well adjusted.

At 5:00am the alarm clock produced an unwelcome racket and was silenced quickly.  Once I finally dragged it on out of bed, I loaded the kayak and a spinning rod and headed out a little later than planned.  Didn't make it to the lake until around 8:30 and found a full parking lot. I fished until a prior engagement pulled me off the lake at 11:00.  Overall, it was an amazingly mediocre day and I would not normally bore you with such dribble.  However, I'll be in other countries (yes that is plural and no I'm not happy about it) for two weeks out the next three. This might be all I can muster for some time.

The video experiment continues and I have yet to grasp what it takes to create some top notch footage.  Until I find a camera man willing to follow me around I guess I'll continue kicking this horse until something clicks (or snaps.)  Maybe I'll have a look at a camera with high def and some serious battery life.

Perhaps a travel rod might help add an exotic flair to my videos.  Mexico is known for their pig/fish hybrids, and I can't think of Japan without thinking of Kurita-san.  Now that I think of it that way, a travel rod is a pretty damn good idea. Anyone know of a good one I could fit in a carry-on?


  1. Clif shoot me an email when you find a good camera... I'm looking at getting into shooting some footage and doing some video editing also.

  2. That footage wasn't so bad. It's always nice to see someone catching fish.

    Sorry to hear you won't be able to fish for a while. Safe travels.


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