Sep 3, 2010

Lunker Hunt has a Face?

The Lunker Hunt experience has expanded to Facebook and is looking for fans.  Somewhere over on the right side of your screen, you'll find a "Like" button.  If you're not sure how much you like it, click here to go learn more.

This move was spawned from a recent post about the worthlessness of blog index services.  After some conversations with fellow bloggers (most notably The Outdooress, whose site hit the web like a bullet) I decided to give it a shot.  There's not much to lose.


  1. Hi Clif - I "hooked" up with you over on Facebook. Best of success to you and your blog efforts.

  2. Good stuff. I'm "liking" you on FB as well. Seems we think kinda alike. I set up a FB page for my blog too about a week ago...after much internal debate (i.e. do I really want to maintain it). Seems FB is here to stay.

  3. I added your page to my FB page's favorites. Perhaps you could do the same.


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