Oct 9, 2010

And I Left It One Truck Lighter

The Dusty Trail
The recent cold spell broke wide open, leaving weekend temperatures in the mid eighties.  Such an event calls for certain protocols at work.  Three ski boats in the parking lot confirmed I wasn't the only one planning a weather shortened work day.  By noon the lot was sparse and I left it one truck lighter.

Fall Fishing Cap

Last time on the Mackinaw, the dove hunters reminded I'll be sharing the state park for the fall, so Friday I donned my "fall fishing cap."  Wearing orange to fish seems odd, but upon arrival the crack of plastic antler on plastic antler carved out the "don't fish here" zone and a little blaze is insurance against those I can't hear.

Dam or Jam, You Decide
Flows were low, 18cfs is a far cry from the 1400 I attempted last spring.  In areas my fly drifted with the wind....up stream.  A beaver dam really slowed things down but provided a fishable acre of deep water.  The beaver and I weren't the only ones fishing the pool either; from a couple hundred yards I could see the heron's hasty exit spook about six carp from the shallow muck.  I came here for the smallies but recently I've had a hankering to fight carp with my fly rod.  Time for a change of plans.

Watchful Eye
I've never fished for carp, so I quickly found myself in the midst of serious improvisation.  After slipping quietly in the pool, it was clear I'd have to wait silently for them to forget me and return to range.  From my look out, I could spot about 20 shadows cruising the pool in pods of three to five.  Some were clearly common, but I could not help but imagine the rest were Asians.

I Picture Does No Justice
Eventually I had a chance and ruined it with a clumsy cast....back to the waiting game.  I'd like to to remind you I'm not a carper, so this scene repeated itself for hours.  They'd come in, I'd make a cast and they would either spook or refuse.  The only exception being a short and obviously pointless fight after a carp made a lazy take on my floating fly line - about twenty feet this side of the leader.  I was in search mode with my fly box - every other refusal prompting a change.  Nymphs, dries, poppers and furry things - nothing seemed to do so I resolved to research and come back better prepared.

More carp were stacked up below the dam and my presentation here was a little better received.  A couple takes on a bass popper came up empty so I down sized to lighter hook on a foam spider.  The next cast caused brief excitement but the fish lacked the fight for which I hoped from a big carp.

Not a Carp
I refer to myself as a bass angler and I refer to this as a bass fishing blog; I suppose I made my own bed long ago.  Catching carp my require reclassification to "multi-species angler."


  1. Looks like a good day, Carp or not.

    I picked up some WF line, thinking of braving the masses for the trout opener next weekend. You interested?

  2. Perhaps...I may go to St. Louis to visit the nephew. But if that falls through I'll be looking for something to do.

  3. Dude, carp fishing on the fly is tough. I don't know how people do it. I've tried and no matter how good my cast is, the carp see my fly line and avoid the area.

  4. I'll probably be heading out Saturday afternoon or possibly Sunday morning. Let me know if your plans fall thru.

  5. Count me out this weekend, I might have to go see what's left the following Saturday.

    Good luck, and don't forget to buy a trout stamp.


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