Oct 9, 2010

A Different Kind of Muscle

Deviating from the advertised content of this blog, I can't help but become excited as the upland season nears. The warm weather weekend continued today, what better time to warm up the shooting muscles on something that flies straight.  The next time my gun sees a shell, it will hopefully be much colder and the target will dance masterfully around my pattern.

We didn't shoot a lot, just enough to remember how hard it is. Also this may have been my wife's first attempt at skeet, she did great.


  1. Years ago, I had an opportunity to do a "fun" hunt. You know, shoot a rolling tire down the hill, stuff like that. One of the events was skeet. I stood at the spot, yelled "pull". That clay pigeon went by so fast, I never got a shot off. My only experience.


  2. Yes those little buggers can be awfully fast, but they fly straight. That is more than I can say for quail who fly fast and crooked.


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