Oct 18, 2010

Dirty Secrets

I haven't hit the water in almost two weeks (don't worry that will soon change), but I have a hankering to write something.  So here I go with my second consecutive "not fishing" post.

It may be hard to believe, but I do not live fishing 24/7.  As such, there are certain blogs I've secretly enjoyed for some time and today my skeletons will get wiggling room.  Here (in alphabetical order) are the places I go when I desire lighter fare and I think no one is looking.  There are others, but these are regularly updated.  All pictures are graciously borrowed from the source so click the picture or link to see more.

People of Walmart
This camera phone collection give a peak into the world normally available only to those in a blue vest.  Regularly updated with pictures of Walmart patrons, the witty commentary is included free of charge.  You know the type: those worthy of a candid shot and visit to church.  If you want quick and thoughtless relief from the Mondays, look no further than People of Walmart.  This site is updated multiple times per day, so don't feel bad if you can't keep up.

Peoria in Pictures
Lola (I presume the name is correct) moved to my hometown in 2007 and has been providing some great photography of the places I hold dear.  If you're into photography, the common community link is not required.  Just click and enjoy a master at work.  Side note: my big sister was wed in the church featured above.

The concept is simple.  Strangers across the globe mail their deepest darkest secrets to Frank.  The only rule is the secret must be anonymous and sent on a postcard. There are bonus points for hand crafted cards.  Every Sunday Frank whittles down the entries and sends a handful of secrets out to the world, thereby liberating the secret holder.  Mouse over each post card to see "Easter eggs" and be prepared for deep thoughts about things you're hiding, perhaps from yourself.

If you're familiar with Etsy, you'll not be surprised a blog such as this exists.  Etsy provides a global market for starving artists to sell the craft they would otherwise find to be a tough sell - I personally know a few artists who list on Etsy and can testify on it's effectiveness.  However, art would be nothing if not often bizarre and Regretsy seeks out the wild and crazy stuff being sold.  "Helen Killer" pulls no punches in her commentary, so please click with a mind open for in-your-face comedy.

The Big Picture
Another excellent photography blog, this one hosted by the Boston Globe.  Each entry features numerous photographs taken by professionals with fancy cameras and access to events the common man dreams about.  It's not strange for the pictures to document the latest breaking news, as evidenced by recent photographs from the Chilean mine rescue and gulf oil spill. The only way to describe these full size beauties is "breath taking."


  1. Some great reads there Clif....Have you seen There I fixed it? very funny stuff bruv!

  2. The People of Walmart are crazy! Seriously. Hard to believe some feel appropriately dressed.

  3. People of Walmart & Regretsy are guilty pleasures of mine too. Especially since my wife is all over Etsy 24-7. Add awkwardfamilyphotos.com to the list and that's my trifecta.

  4. @Simon - Thanks for the link mate, I'll go check it out.

    @The Hunting Wife - Welcome to Lunkerhunt and I'm glad you enjoy People of Walmart

    @Troutragilicious - My wife loves awkwardfamilyphotos and I've seen a few over her shoulder. I've never given it a fair shake - today I change that.

  5. Clif, thanks for the plug! Glad, too, you linked to the Postsecret blog. It's been a favorite of mine for the last 5 years. Check out My Life is Average when you get a moment.

    Again, thanks for the plug. I appreciate it! :)

  6. Clif: I don't read your blog for photography, I read it for fishing porn! Get to work!!

  7. @LTP - I'll go check it out

    @Timmy - Jeeze, I've got bad news for you...there is going to be a very long period (starting shortly) in which you will get no fish porn. That said, I've got the day off tomorrow so hopefully I can oblige.


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