Oct 20, 2010

The Dreaded Focus Delay

Many years ago, my parents immigrated to Illinois.  It was no doubt a long a grueling journey but they settled and since the beginning of my time, I have regularly made the trek south to visit those they sadly left behind...in central Missouri.  The Mississippi River has always provided comfort on the trip, as crossing it meant the trip was half complete.

Near our Old Man River crossing point and this side of the border sits the small town of Atlas.  In the small town of Atlas sits the General Store.  In front of the General Store sits a peculiar sign.  The sign has read the same for at least a decade, maybe more.  The only change is the recent disappearance of the letter R.  From the time I started this blog the sign has called me to pull over and take a picture and the last time through I planned ahead.  A couple miles down the road I pulled out my phone, fired up the handy camera function and steadied the shot on the steering wheel.  I slowed, aimed and took the picture.

The picture sucks - I mean it really sucks.  You can clearly see the dash reflection, the bugs are in focus and there is a hint of motion blur.  Even worse: I failed to take the picture I had composed due to the blasted delay between when I pushed the button and when the picture was captured.  All that effort to anticipate the sign and be prepared with camera phone in hand, only to be foiled again by focus delay!

Can you make out what it says?  "Eat Here Get Worms"

I should have stopped, gotten out the real camera and taken a good picture. Had I done that, I might have managed something classy like this, this, this or even this.  Would it make a more interesting post?  I like my version, it really highlights the true nature of using camera phones.


  1. Good one and your point is well taken. It's not easy getting a good pic with your cell phone.

  2. Windsheld bugs always make for a timeless photo. I have the same issues, my Blackberry phone is worthless.

  3. Hey Clif. Like I told Rebecca over on OBN, I have one that takes pictures. That's way I ALWAYS carry my digital. I have no clue how to use the phone one.


  4. You know, Clif, every picture tells a story though! Thanks for sharing.


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