Oct 19, 2010

I Feel So Dirty

By now everyone reading this knows about Outdoor Blogger Network.  In the off chance you do not, make sure to click the logo to see what they can do for you.  If you're into reading blogs, they can help.  If you're into blogging about the outdoors, they can help.  If you run an outdoor oriented business, they can help.

OBN was launched on Oct 18th, 2010 by two fellow bloggers: Joe from Flowing Waters and Rebecca from Outdooress.  They jointly developed a vision, which I can paraphrase into "create a centralized place for the best outdoor related blogs and to create a common voice for outdoor bloggers."  What's more, they've actually executed their vision.

And what fine execution it is.  OBN fell like a cannon ball onto the interweb yesterday and the shock waves are still bouncing into the furthest reaches of the globe.  Every nook and cranny is being scoured for blogs, and their rep is growing like Stay Puft.  Most of the traffic seems to be generated by a well timed give-a-way in which you can get some swag for spreading the word (I know...this post will get me a couple contest entries. I'm such a whore).  They promise more contests in the future, as well as writing and photography prompts which I look forward too with glee.  I wouldn't even be surprised if we also see awards for Best Blog, Best Supporting Blog, and Best Original Soundtrack.

The OBN directory is growing at a rate I'm sure no one expected, in fact the "Newest Members" post for this week was canceled due to length.  Right now my mind is running in circles trying to read them all - I'm sure Rebecca and Joe are running in circles too. Surely their pupils have constricted to a micron, their desks are covered with Little Debbie wrappers and their families are starting that "shifty-eye worried look."  There is so much traffic hitting that site right now you'd be a fool to ignore.

So if you keep a blog (they're currently heavy on fishing and light on everything else) get over there and grab a piece of the hot action. No matter what you do outside, there is something for you.


To Rebecca and Joe,
Talk about rolling out of a warm bed and into the frying pan.  Keep up the good work, you've got some steam built and you may think you can't keep the pace.  Just roll with the punches and you'll soon find a groove.  If you need help, I think you have plenty of people to ask.  I'm sure you'll soon see natural light again - you might even fish again in your lifetime.


  1. Clif - thanks for the call-out.

    My motto - if you're going to be a whore - be a GOOD whore!

    The site IS a little overwhelming right now, but it will settle down soon enough, and we'll find our comfort level.

    As for seeing the light of day - Rebecca's leaving to day for a 3 day "Fish-a-thon" - I'll be in pure survival mode until the weekend!



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