Oct 3, 2010

Lotsa Littluns

I brought a bass rod, but yesterday at Snakeden Hollow was all about rod bending fun with my ultralight, and the little pole got a work out.  It was a great day of hiking and fishing. The pictures will tell the tale; it is a long tale.

I spotted this on the way out, no wonder I was alone....


  1. You know it's a great day when your thumb gets all chewed up. Nice job getting out before the weather gets too cold.

  2. Hey Clif. Looked like a very fruitful (or fishful) day. Could have cost you a bunch, but you got away with it this time.


  3. Lots of great pictures there, Clif. I have had some success at times with White Curly Tail jigs on trout and panfish. Looks like the Bass and Bluegill in your area like it too!

  4. @Casey - with the chilly wind we had Saturday, i'm really wondering how much time is left.

    @Shoreman - i was wondering somewhere in the middle of a 2500 acre state park and I saw the signs occasionally. if I interpreted sign placement correctly, I stayed legal...but who knows. it reminds me of a joke: "you know you're [hunting or fishing] in [pick a state] if you're never sure if you are legal or not."

    @Mel - curly tails, twister tails, grubs...there is nothing better for catching numbers, but you can't be picky about size.

  5. I love the thumb pic. It shows you had a great day!


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