Nov 7, 2010

A Box of Chawcolates

This afternoon I caught a walleye and while fumbling for my camera, I fumbled the fish.  There is no picture; this normally wouldn't make the cut for a blog entry.  However it was noteworthy because it was my first walleye (or maybe a sauger, I didn't have time to check) on the fly.

The fly was Meat Whistle, not the one shown but a white/orange one I tied ages ago.  I was dredging the bottom with a painfully slow retrieve and hoping to convince bass to bite despite chilly water.  The ten incher really made my day...chalk up another species for my fly rod.

I supposed it's fitting to catch a cool water species, the water is really getting cold. The bass bite has tanked and it took a couple hours of blanket time to bring my body temp back up.  I'm too stubborn to hang it up for the year, maybe this is just a clue I should give up on bass.  

Next time I'll be in long johns and barely be able to lace up over 2-3 pairs of socks.  I think crappie should be shallow again...


  1. We'll be on the ice soon.
    Hang in there with the soft water as long as you can!

  2. It is getting to be that time of year back in the Mid-West. Might have to roll out the auger and dust it off pretty soon.


  3. You two have me confused for someone who likes to ice fish.

  4. Fishing comes secondary to drinking when your sitting on a bucket in an ice shanty. Not that I'd know.


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