Nov 19, 2010

Fast, Easy and...

...guaranteed to drop fish panties.

I'm gonna hit Wildcat Canyon on the Vermilion River with these and others Sunday.  Never fished it before...should be interesting.


  1. Best of luck...
    If the winds die down I'll be dragging steel around search of Landlocks, frostbite style.

  2. Good luck. I would join you but I get a chance to try the Muskie thing again at Spring. Cannot pass up the chance of a buddy offering to take me in his boat. Let me know how those flies and the bronzies work out for you.


  3. Fishing could be slow, but, those are some really nice fly patterns!

  4. Looks like they are gunna open up a big can of whip ass down the Canyon Clif!

  5. They didn't even stand a chance. The canyon was closed due to the shotgun deer season we had this past weekend.


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