Nov 15, 2010

The Full Experience You Ask?

Last week I decided to start publishing exclusive content to Facebook, so if you want the full experience click here and push "like." I'm not entirely sure what the "exclusive content" will be, but I think you can expect tidbits, pictures and links not warranting the full blog treatment.


  1. well thats a road i haven't traveled yet, let us bloggers know how it goes

  2. lame! facebook is strictly forbidden here at the work place! If there was a "dislike" button, I would push it!

  3. Well, now, that's an interesting idea. I don't know what I would put on FB as "exclusive content" either. I don't like anyone missing anything and there is a definite pool that would be missing out if I were to go that route as well.

    Something to think about...

  4. blake - it may not be worth it but we'll see.

    Skottyp - there is more to life than work

    MNAngler - very good point. There is much in the world I don't want to write much about and I was thinking FB would be a good place for tidbits. Right now everyone is missing out on this stuff. So "exclusive" isn't the right word...maybe "additional" would be a better way to describe what i'm thinking of. Thanks to you're comment I'll make sure I'm careful going forward.


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