Nov 16, 2010

I Will Soon Need Bigger Hands

Instead of watching Glee, I opted to tie up some Barteaux Minneaux streamers this evening.  I still haven't mastered this pattern, but practice makes perfect.  I was getting a little bored until inspiration struck in the form of yesterday's Streamstalker post about muskies on the fly.  I clamped in a 4/0 hook and went to work.  I had two goals: first being to tie a large barteaux inspired fly, second to do it without using a marker.  Here is what I managed:

I'm worried the thing will catch wind like a parasail, but next time I'm in musky water I'll give it a shot.


  1. Those look good! I threw a bart -O minnow when I was muskie fishing. It was a smallmouth size, but we figured we wouuld try a smaller fly as the Muskie were feeding on shad that were about the same size as the Bart-O. You will be surprised that the muskie flies throw fairly easy with an 8 weight or bigger rod.


  2. Don't have any Muskies out here. The fly looks good. The only thing you can do is try it and adjust from there.


  3. Looks pretty sweet. People are more particular about the flies than fish are anyway.

  4. Jonn-yep, and it's got enough icelandic hair to get skinny when wet

    Tubeman-With Muskies, it'll be 1000 casts before I have any data to adjust with.

    T-rage-I think there is a lot of truth to your statement.

  5. Get that thing wet and it'll cut through the wind to lodge itself in a lunker's jaw!


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