Nov 2, 2010

Who Will It Be?

Will it be the crooks in blue or the crooks in red?  I wish I didn't have a dog in this fight, but I do.  I'm not happy about it and I wish not voting was the answer.

Instead of worrying about this evening's election results, why don't you sit back and enjoy some high def fishing video.  Please try out the 720p HD video quality mode because it was a real pain for me to deal with such a large file size.  If you try it, I think all my headaches and upload time will not be in vain.  (It'll probably take a while to fully buffer...go grab a frosty beverage)

A while back, I casually mentioned it would be nice to have a high def video camera to take the Lunker Hunt experience to the next level.  My wife was kind enough to oblige on my birthday - she even went one step further and wrapped up a camera capable of going underwater.  The camera is a Kodak PLAYSPORT (Zx3) and so far I'm thoroughly impressed.  You won't see Hollywood cinematographers shooting the next block buster with this thing, but for my type of situation I think it will do the trick.

Give me some time, after a few more uses I think I'll be ready for a full review; if I ever catch a fish, I'll even try out the underwater mode.  So far I know the battery lasted about 2 hours (in that time I caught no fish - go figure).  Before the battery died, I had managed about 6.5 gigabytes of 720p video - shot at a whopping 60 frames per second.  Next time I'll experiment with the video quality so as to properly balance file size with picture detail.  It takes some serious commitment to whittle 6.5GB down to threeish minutes.

Editor's Note:  Last time I posted a similar highlight reel, it met mixed reviews on Youtube.  It received one thumb up and one thumb down.  If I ever catch the punk who thumbed it down....


  1. Great stuff Clif. "Hat Cam" over on my blog is a Playsport and the think is freakin great. Even took it snorkeling this summer in the Keys...and it survived the saltwater just fine. Even takes "passable" still photos as long as it's sunny out. Looking forward to more videos.

    (FYI - I use the 720/60 setting too...but you're right, it is a bear. That's why most of my videos are 2 minutes or under. Pick up another battery on eBay. You can get a generic one that works fine cheap).

  2. Oh man. Sorry about that. I tried to thumb it up, but my finger slipped...

    I like your style, sir! And hey - nice video. Two thumbs up!


  3. I'm not sure I want your thumb anywhere near me.


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