Dec 21, 2010

An Act So Vile

I was left home alone today....all day....alone.  I spent some time on a new Lunker Hunt logo (isn't it pretty?), winterized the four-wheeler, shoveled the sidewalk and took care of one nasty task.  Seeing as the missus had vacated the premises, I took the opportunity to perform an act so vile I dare not undertake it while she is within a five mile radius.  In fact, I am reluctant to admit this to the world...

Smells like fish
I washed my fishing shorts.

The only thing worse is laundering the "unmentionables," but I normally just throw those out - so this is as bad as it gets.  The shorts flew solo through our Kenmore set and the house once again smells of dog.

They used to be navy blue, but a few years of mud, sunshine and fish slime have given them a permanent two-tone look.  With this year's arsenal addition of a kayak, things became worse due to my constant seated position; the prime position for collecting crud.

This was the first washing of 2010....thank goodness for vacation days because I almost missed it this year.

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