Dec 7, 2010

Come On Santa, Be Good To Me

The long skinny shiny box would hold a Sage Smallmouth fly rod with which to shoot lasers.  I've thrown Streamstalker's and I am in love with this rod.  I've not felt anything like it; it's almost as if the line is repelled from the tip like a lady from a public restroom.

The rectangular box would hold a fish finder for my kayak.  I'm not sure how I would mount the transducer but I have a will; there must be a way.  I don't need anything fancy and any model will work.  I just want something I can use with a kayak.

My stocking contains a clue; a little help in life. Such valuable incite about fishing is never spoken and never fully understood. I'll never grasp it all, but a little help would be greatly appreciated.  With this knowledge I'll reach angling enlightenment and the world will be as clear as a spring creek.

The envelope contains coordinates for the secret spot.  The spot I won't even take friends.  A place where the bite is timid, the fishing is tough and the pull is strong.  The place where I've never before fished and I have all the time in the world to learn and disect it's weaknesses.

My Christmas night's dream contains a corporate sponsorship.  [Your company's name here] was gracious enough to sponsor me on a year away from the cubicle farm workplace.  I'll travel the country with my truck, kayak and tent. Fishing, camping, taking pictures and writing about the experiences and people I encounter along the way.


  1. Hey now, I don't think your list is to outrageous, in fact I'd say most of those are attainable. And if you get that last one, swing by and grab me in Idaho with all your fancy sponsored stuff!

  2. Most of them except for a clue, right?

    I'd probably swing through Idaho at some point...I heard once they keep fish there.

  3. Sage's are nice. Got one my X-Mas list too.

    Dude, don't go corporate. Trout Bums are soooooo much cooler. Just ask them.

  4. Seeing as I have been trout fishing on two occasions in my life, I felt the bass route was more appropriate.

    Bass anglers get all the girls.


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