Dec 3, 2010

For My Other True Love

It is hard to fish the still water when flies land with a thud.  On the other hand, it's easy to find pockets when they are the only water iced up.

I'm hanging up the rod for my other true love...the snow shovel.  You may find it sick and disturbing but I freaking love to shovel snow.  Got my first shoveling in tonight and it was a pretty good one.  I think I'll do it again in the morn.


  1. By Monday I should have plenty that will need shoveled.
    Your more than welcome to swing up into Vermont and move it all!
    When your done, we'll find a place to fish!

  2. Mmmmm a disturbing habit indeed, there are help groups out there Cliff, you know the type; stand up in a circle - "Hi, my name's Cliff and I shovel snow"......

  3. That reminds me...must buy snow blower this year.

  4. Aaah, one with the snow shovel. You all know my story.


  5. @Raz - I like shoveling, but not that much. Thank you for the offer.

    @Murphyfish - this post was my first step: acknowledging the problem

    @T-Rage - don't ruin it man

    @Mark - My shovel handles slush too


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