Dec 22, 2010

Give Away - Topwater Bass Bugs

It is time for Lunker Hunt's first ever membership drive free stuff give-away!  I'm pleased to offer a chance to win two hardwood bass bugs.  They are hand shaped, tied and painted by yours truly and will look splendid in your fly box, on the water or in a tree.  The offering is shown in the pictures below, they aren't perfect but they'll catch fish.  I guarantee you'll never see anything like them...even I can't make two exactly alike.

Early on I figured out foam and balsa poppers are not meant to be drug through grass and bounced off of logs.  I was continually purchasing poppers to refill the box.  I finally made my first popper about two years ago. That particular popper has never seen a drop of water, but since then I have made a few more (you can see examples here, here, here, and here.)  Some of those have been fished and I've learned a thing or two about making sure they are castable and durable.

The top two pictures show the hardwood popper in orange and black with a red mouth.  All this on a #6 Tiemco TMC 8089 nickel plated hook.  The second two pictures show the hardwood diver in white and silver with red eyes.  This is set on the same hook.  Click here for fair warning about the size of these flies, a #6 TMC 8089 hook is approximately the size of most other 1/0 or 2/0'll need something bigger than a 3wt to horse this through the air.  Also, I can not guarantee it but you may have some success casting these with an ultra-light spinning rod....

So by now you are asking yourself, "Self, how do I get my hands on them there fancy bass plugs?"  The answer is simple, you may qualify up to four times...just follow these simple steps:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me what price you would expect if you happened across these plugs at your favorite fly shop along side their foam and balsa brethren.  Please be honest; I am sure I would lose my ass if I ever tried to turn a profit (something about minimum wages and barriers to entry).  However, I enjoy making these so I might just try to sell them some day as a hobby.

2. This one is easy, just follow the Lunker Hunt blog by clicking the "follow" button over there on the right.  If you already do there is no need to follow again.  If you prefer to use an alternate feed reader (and I know there are some of you) that will work too.  In any case, leave a comment so we know you've secured yourself a lifetime subscription.

3. Go to the Lunker Hunt facebook page and leave a comment on the update for this giveaway. Make it your favorite joke, anecdote, pun, original limerick, etc.  This is your chance to nurture that creative nugget lodged in your gut, so do your best to make everyone laugh. I think you can even upload pictures, so an original piece of MSPaint art will also fullfill the requirements of #2.  Once you've done that, come back here and leave a comment stating you've done so.

4. Have a fishing buddy come to this post and leave a good-natured comment explaining why you are not qualified to own such fine tackle.  This will count as an entry for you (not the buddy).  If you are lucky he/she will ask you to return the favor.  Brownie points will be awarded for jabs about rod length, inferior genes, etc.  Make sure they include your user name or a picture of your birthmark so I know who was insulted won.

That's all it takes! The first two are easy, and you can complete as many or as few as you like.

Qualifying closes at 11:59pm (Illinois time) on January 7th, 2011. Any comments left after this time will be appreciated but not eligible.  On or about (I'm pretty forgetful) January 8th, I'll leave it up to the random number generating gods.  If the gods choose a comment not satisfying the requirements set forth above they will draw again.  If anything else goes wrong, it will be up to my best judgment to make this a fair fight.

I'll create a new post announcing and congratulating the winner. Both the popper and the diver will be awarded to one person based on the comment number corresponding to the RNG selection.  The rest of you will be left with nothing but a dream of the day I do this again.


  1. I paid $8 for a pack of six poppers that are much smaller than what you have so I would say I'd pay at least that much.

    Then again I've only bought the one pack of poppers so I really have no idea what they should go for.

  2. And I'm a follower of Lunker Hunt.

  3. Dude...that's an ass ton of work to get in on this..I'm sure not nearly as much as it took to make those...nice work....very nice...up there with some of the finer balsa poppers I have seen...I would say $8.00 for that would not be asking too much...

  4. Oh and here's the comment to represent the priest joke from Facebook.

  5. Two fellows are out fishing on the lake. A hearse and funeral procession passed the boat on a nearby road. One of the fellows stands up and holds his fishing hat over his heart as the hearse passes. His buddy comments, “Gee Harry, that was really nice and respectful.” Harry replys, “Well after all, we were married for 40 years.”

  6. Since you told me how much time you spend on those plugs I'd have to say they're nearly priceless.

  7. How could I not want to enter to win some bass bugs? The least $3 a fly.

  8. I been dun been followin Lunker Hunt. Cross #2 off the list.

  9. Clif,
    I buy a good number of bass poppers, and even make some of the cork and deer hair variety myself. I've actually bought more than I would like to admit. I would rather make more of my own. The best quality poppers I have ever seen are called "BoogleBugs" (made in AL) they sell for around $5 a piece, but are well worth it. You should check them out if you've never seen them. I would pay a similar amount for your work for sure.
    I am already a follower of "Lunker Hunt," and would love for you to follow "The Naturalist's Angle" if you are so inclined. I do a lot of bass fly fishing. Smallmouth Bass are my favorite, but I'll fish for anything that will eat a fly.

  10. I'd say they would go for around $3 apiece.

  11. I don't fish with poppers but they sure look good.
    Don't pick me Clif...pick one of these folks that would appreciate them much more than me.
    Nice work and I enjoy following Lunker Hunt!

  12. I would expect to $3.50 each. I will need some lessons from you so I dont hook myself in the ear with my new fly rod. So when we going ice fishing?

  13. I follow this. The fly would be priceless if it catches fish.


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