Dec 21, 2010

In which some 'splainin is done

So my last post was a little strange, even I will admit it.  Judging by the traffic/comment ratio I am guessing most of you didn't know what to make of you just ignored it.  It did garner two comments:  One to make sure I knew it was weird (I did but thank you.)  The other commenter hinted he might have understood my direction, but he one-upped the weirdness level so we'll never know for sure.  Perhaps I gots some 'splainin to do for the rest of you.

First off, let me say it is extremely challenging to keep a fishing blog lively during the winter months.  I am not much for ice fishing and this year I vowed to post fewer pictures of my crumby hand tied that leaves me with about zilch to talk about.  I have had the idea for the last post swirling in my head for months.  It was just waiting for the right moment to come out.  Well...the right moment came with a side of writer's block.

I think we should consider that post an introspective. The only purpose was to remind myself to not be lazy.  As a profession I'm paid to sit in a cube and toe the line; creativity isn't always an asset.  Lunker Hunt is a training ground where I sharpen my wits and express myself.  Due to my personality, I constantly battle the urge to make a few dozen "fill in the blank posts" per year.

Well I've gotten it off my chest and I'd say the burden was lifted somewhat successfully.  Since posting, I picked up one more "blogger follower" (the big six-oh) and two new Facebook fans.  Plus I'm now feeling a little creativity pulsing as I plot stage my next post.  I think it'll more than make up for my past transgressions.

Now the question I need answered is whether the holiday season is a good time to post...or if I should save this until 2011.  Do you guys have plans for this weekend or will you be killing time in front of the 'puter?


  1. Hey Clif. If I can ever get done with the "errands" I've been running the last week and the rain goes away (something like 10 days in a row, so far)I just might get out and do some fishing. My best guess is Thursday or Friday and I know Friday is Christmas Eve, but the wife is planning a day shopping, so what better time to wander out and wet a line.


  2. OK, Mark votes no blog post this weekend. He'll be too busy wetting a line in his basement.

  3. No 'splaining necessary. I LOVED the post and will steal it unrepentantly for future fishing reports.

    Merry Christmas!!!!


  4. Make that two new followers. Thanks to Troutrageous for sharing the post so I'm now following as well. Keep them coming.

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

  5. @PthruO - thanks for "passin through," I'm always glad to pick up a new reader. As a new reader you should know there are some rules to follow... I'll let you know what they are when you break them.


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