Jan 10, 2011

Deserving is a strong word, why don't we talk about it

Hook & Hackle is offering a sweet fly rod building kit through a contest at Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge. If you are curious about the rod kit or contest, click above.  Those links and the following essay fulfill the requirements set forth in the contest rules, so lets get on with it...sorry no pictures, strictly biz-nass here.

Let's be honest, no one really deserves to win a rod building kit without bringing something to the table.  Instead of faking my way through how deserving I am, I will instead focus on what Lunker Hunt has to offer Hook & Hackle and their Homestead, PA based establishment.  You'll soon see I have many plans for the rod kit, each will guarantee much happiness for me and much publicity for you.  Such a mutually agreeable arrangement should be hard to pass up.

Someday soon, the rod kit will arrive on my doorstep...where it will lie undisturbed until Jeremy (from across the street) calls to tell me about it.  I'll thank Jeremy and then become distracted, thus forgetting about the kit again.  Luckily, my street is heavily traveled by folks looking to avoid a couple traffic lights. Thieves will be discouraged by the constant passing of headlights and prying eyes.  Just as luckily, Hook & Hackle packaged the kit within a rain resistant bag and smothered it in easily interpreted store decals (they read this so they planned ahead).  Sometime just before Smarch 1st, I'll walk around front to chase that stupid squirrel off the roof again and recall Jeremy's phone call.  Deciding the package billboard has soaked long enough, I'll bring it inside. In the mean time, all my neighbors have become curious...you know...building suspense, anticipation and excitement.

The first step will be to unveil the kit to the world, right here on this website.  I'll start out slow with some some seductive music, first glance observations and witty commentary (the masses are suckers for witty commentary). Secondly, my wife will roll her eyes because I bought another rod but for once I'll have an honest excuse. Then we'll get into the nitty gritty (pay attention this gets good), I'll pour through detailed post after detailed post as the rod comes together: multiple posts about the Hook & Hackle rod kit.  I'll write as many as it takes to get the job done and did I mention the hotlinks?  Don't you worry, your kit didn't just go to some Larry, Darryl or Darryl. The author of this blog is technically trained, anal retentive, detail oriented and "pretty average" with a charcoal grill.

To be honest, I have never previously built a rod but this is no deficit.  I have read quite a bit on-line about rod building but never pulled the trigger as I am a little nervous about screwing it up.  Surely there are countless others in the world with similar thoughts, seeking reassurance their investment will not be in vain. These same people may even search the internet for information and tutorials - here they will find the "mini-series" written and published by an average Joe with no rod building experience.  Oh, did we mention the average Joe knows how to create process flow?  Certainly a skill worth having during such an endeavor.

Some day the rod will be completed.  This is the time when I'll have to find something to do with it.  I'll likely try a few things before the rod hits it's stride.  Potential uses I can think of right now:
  • Cat toy
  • Television "remote" control
  • Roof squirrel scarifier
  • Wunder Boner
  • Bluegill catch'em-a-bob
I'll figure something out but at this point you won't care.  You'll be too busy rolling around in the money from the recent inexplicable boom in rod kit sales.  Regardless, I'll create another review of the rod highlighting it's ability to do whatever I decide to do with it.  It may not be perfect, but it will be as perfect as I can make it and that is what people want to read.

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  1. Very nice Clif. The uses are seemingly endless and your credentials impeccable.


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