Jan 27, 2011

A Hoopty Noodle and the Blue Broomstick

Santa was good to me this year...here are some new toys. Both of these rods come with a story, but for this you must wait.

TFO Clouser 8wt - 8'9" of muscle in sexy blue.

Cabela's Three Forks 3wt - 7'6" of wobbly in a chameleon color scheme
And to those of you who made this possible, I thank you and leave you with this.  Nothing says Merry Christmas like cash, cash, cash.


  1. Oh, you have me excited to pick up my new TFO 8wt in March!!! (My cousin is building one for me) My first steelhead run in Idaho...whoohoo!!!

  2. Santa was good to you this year. That b@st@rd skipped our house! Perhaps we just were not good this year.

  3. That Three Forks rod is a real sweet heart. I had one for many, many years before getting stupid and selling it (I had purchased a more expensive rod, and thought to myself "I guess I don't need the little old Cabela's rod anymore") - I WILL have another Three Forks 3 weight this summer. I just hope they didn't change for the worse form how they were a decade ago! I loved that slow, wonderful rod. Caught many fish on it - bluegill, trout, bass...

    I do miss my TFO too (had a 6' 2wt) but not nearly as much as that 3 weight Cabela's. I'm getting a new Cabela's Wind River 4 weight in the mail on Friday (I hope!) - itching to try that out already :)

    Great posts!


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