Jan 19, 2011

When Times Become Slow, Go To The Archives

Gosh, I have nothing to write about.  Lucky for you, I have years of blog content under my belt...that will have to do for now.  If you are jonesing for some witty Lunker Hunt content, might I suggest you click here.  Doing so will automatically search this blog and return all the funny stuff from years gone by.


  1. Okay, do I get a prize for being the first dummy to go round and round and round and then post a comment?

  2. No prize, but I hope you appreciated this.

    And you weren't the first dummy, just the first one to comment. I've been watching with amusement.

  3. Damn archives...

    I was half waiting for one of those screaming faces to pop up if I clicked on those links enough.

    If you're in a writing rut again, just do what I do. Post pictures of boobs.

  4. After yesterday evening I was willing to recommend this strategy to boost your irrelevant page view total without effecting the far more important unique visitor count.

    After today, I'm not so sure. Traffic dropped like a rock, maybe this got me banned from google.


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