Jan 12, 2011

With Giddy Anticipation

Some of you may have noticed but most probably have not...Dr. Timmy of Old Man River OR has posted the Bighorn River Series for me - I feel so special.  He's providing some guidance on the hot patterns he has used on the Bighorn for the past few years.  To see his series click here: one, two, three.

I've got one major situation to resolve at work and then, if all goes well, I'll check off goal seven for the year in late March.  Until then, I have some time to figure out how to first, see a #16 hook and then, find a way to tie something to it. Here is the first pass.  Not perfect but I have time to improve.

Thanks go out to Dr. Timmy. He probably hates that name so you should go increase his traffic so he feels no need to bring out a nickname for me.  Did I mention he doesn't have many followers and hardly any comments?

Side note: 70 followers as of yesterday - wahoo


  1. Clif:

    Those look GREAT!!~!

  2. I find it humorous that you find it hard to see a #16 hook. That's nearly the biggest size I tie on regularly. You should try tying a dry on a #20. It's a good enjoyable challenge. Seeing it from afar, floating down the river is another thing

  3. GAA! the anonymous commenter strikes again!

    @Tim, remember I'm used to looking at hooks in the #2 to 4/0 range. #16 is just ridiculously small.

  4. Hey, Hey quit picking on the old guy. Hang on a sec while I get my magnifier...ok, those are sweet!

  5. This is the first time that I have come across your blog and I've gotta say, that I am really glad I chose this post to read first. What a great, informative tutorial by Old Man River OR. It sure is nice to have people willing to help you out when they are in the-know-how. I really enjoyed reading. Don't think I have the patience to tie my own flies. Good luck to you!

  6. @Howard - would you believe I zoomed in as far as I could to get those pictures?

    @joebilly - thanks for coming by and leaving positive feedback. It is what makes this blog fun for me.


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