Feb 17, 2011

Her Form Leaves Something to be Desired

Got this gem via MidCurrent who got it from Sports Illustrated. May I introduce Bruna Schmitz...

Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

...and the best fishing video you will see today.

If you like fishing, you may also want to check out Leryn Franco, or Kim Glass.  Heck, check out the whole bunch if you really like fishing.


  1. Wow, never realized Banff was so beautiful.

  2. She looks like she could use some help with her casting... but I'm pretty sure I would be in big trouble if I offered to help her.

  3. @Co-angler: It is marvelous, isn't it?

    @Jay: Forget about casting, I'm nervous about posting this.

  4. "Her form leaves something to be desired"

    I would like to ask where at?

  5. Bloody hell, just remembered that I am I red blooded Welshman after all! Oh shouldn't she have been casting into the wind?
    Regards (looking over his shoulder as he types),

  6. I really really like fishing!

  7. @Mel: Where? Deep within your loins my man.

    @Murph: Some things are international, aren't they?

    @Rax: Me too. Me too.

  8. Wrist is too loose on her backcast. Luckily her bikini is not.

  9. This is what Troutrageous1 meant to say, "Luckily her bikini is hot."


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