Feb 19, 2011

I'd Say We're Just in Time

The season of couch sitting and television watching is quickly coming to a close. Not quite yet, so don't get too mobile. Mother nature can be a tease, and what a tease she was.

"Any luck?" was his question.
"Nothing yet, just been here an hour" my reply.
"I guess we're a week too early"
"It is supposed to snow in two days."
"I heard," he admitted.
"I'd say we're just in time."

Today my shoulder aches just like it has many times in springs gone past. I took the Hoopty Noodle for a swing, the first one ever. She glistened in the sun and "whooped" in the warm air. We broke each other in, but I'll save the first fish for later.

This is still February, and we are due for snow on Monday.


  1. Yesterday when we hit the water, a balmy 54 degrees. In just thirty minutes time, clouds rolled in and the temp probably dropped into the high 30's. A quick reminder that it is still winter. BOO!

  2. I found my way down the hill to my largemouth water yesterday as well. Hate to tell you, but it was 70 degrees, 78 the day before. But despite this slice of spring weather in mid February, it's still too early here as well - the water chilly and inhospitable to my bucketmouth buddies. I wonder where they go.

    Soon, my friend. Soon.

  3. @Stephanie: Stupid winter, I'm going to put in for a transfer to someplace warm, where I can complain about the hot summers.

    @Mike: They are there, but their mouths aren't quite was big these days.

  4. You're right, Clif, Mother Nature can be a tease, indeed! I've tried not to get too excited about this warm spell. I have a feeling winter isn't over just yet.

    I do hope it's over by April, though. I'm participating in bass tournaments this year for the first time. We have three tournaments in April. I'm excited to try this style of fishing!


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