Feb 5, 2011

Illinois: Still Pretty Flat

My new Illinois Atlas and Gazeteer map arrived this week.  If you don't know, it is a detailed topographical map with every gravel road and tiny piece of water identified.  For example, it turns out the nameless urban creek I explored last year actually has a name: Dry Run Creek - a name I find entirely fitting.  I tried to buy this thing at a store but everywhere I went did not carry the Illinois version.  I found one for every neighboring state plus North Carolina, Nevada and Italy. No Illinois maps...in Illinois.

It is full of little blue lines to explore and all the public land is clearly identified.  In a few weeks I will start adding fishy notes, so today I made some security improvements...

"Sir! Please step away from the atlas!"


  1. Clif:

    You have officially bought the river smallmouth angler's bible!! A must have. You cannot be a serious stream angler without one. I think I have gone through four of them in my lifetime. Sooner or later the binding breaks and the pages begin to tear. Whenever I buy a new one it takes me hours to transfer all of my notes to the new copy. I often spend hours just perusing that map book looking for streams that might hold promise. Have fun


  2. My Colorado Gazetteer is one of my most important fishing accessories. Don't leave home without it.

  3. So it shows what waters are public and you can legally fish? I've always wondered that when scoping out random ponds and stuff on Google Maps.

  4. @Jonn: You mentioned this once, maybe on your blog. I looked into it and decided it's a good idea. Maybe you'll let me borrow yours someday? :)

    @Cofisher: I've got the perfect place for it in my truck. It'll go where my truck is, usually I go there too.

    @Mark: It shows lakes, rivers and streams. It also shows land owned by the government, so where the two overlap you're good to go. However I don't think it shows all public land, I know of a few places where the public is allowed that aren't on the map.

  5. Wow, didn't know they made such a thing. Just looked out on the Internet and California makes one and they sell at Walmart. Have to stop and get one. Thanks for opening my eyes.


  6. If it's any endorsement of how good those are, I have one for TN, AL, AR, GA, MS, IN, FL, and we also bought one for our summertime MI adventure. It's a must have for the adventurous angler.

  7. We just bought our CO one. I can't wait to start making notes!

  8. @Tubeman - go check it out, I think you'll like it.

    @Jay - You take things seriously don't you?

    @Stephanie - In a state like that, I'm sure you'll need another. One for reading, and the other for note taking.


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